Naubahar SHARIF 白立邦
PhD Cornell, 2005
Associate Professor

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Naubahar Sharif (Ph.D., Cornell University, 2005), is Associate Professor of Social Science. His research interests include the sociology of the innovation systems conceptual approach; the role of innovation/technology in Hong Kong; university-industry linkages; and economic linkages between Hong Kong and Guangdong. He completed the Executive Education program in Innovation for Economic Development at Harvard University in 2011 and has consulted for the Hong Kong Innovation and Technology Commission from 20006-10. A dedicated teacher, he has been nominated for HKUST’s Michael G. Gale Medal for Distinguished Teaching, and won the School of Humanities and Social Science (SHSS) Best Teacher Award in 2009. Naubahar has been awarded both 'Public Policy Research' (PPR) and 'General Research Fund' (GRF) grants by Hong Kong’s Research Grants Council (RGC), and at HKUST from the Research Project Competition (RPC), Center for Enhanced Learning and Teaching (CELT), the Undergraduate Core Education Office (UCEO) and from School-Based Initiatives (SBI). He has published numerous articles in leading journals including Research Policy, International Journal of Technology and Management, and Science, Technology and Human Values.
Research Interests
  • Development of Hong Kong's Innovation System
  • Innovation and Technology Policy in Hong Kong
  • Emergence of the Innovation Systems Approach
Representative Publications
  • Sharif, Naubahar and Can Huang, “Innovation Strategy, Firm Survival and Relocation: The Case of Hong Kong-Owned Manufacturing in Guangdong Province, China.” Research Policy 41, no. 1 (2012): 69-78.
  • Sharif, Naubahar and Mitchell Tseng, “Hong Kong’s Contribution to China’s Manufacturing Industry.” Asian Survey 51, no. 4 (July/August 2011): 633-658.
  • Sharif, Naubahar and Erik Baark. “The Transformation of Research Technology Organizations in Asia and Europe.” Science, Technology & Society 16, no. 1 (2011): 1-10.
  • Sharif, Naubahar. “Rhetoric of Innovation Policymaking in Hong Kong Using the Innovation Systems Conceptual Approach.” Science, Technology and Human Values 35, no. 3 (2010): 408-434.
  • Huang, Can and Naubahar Sharif. “Manufacturing Dynamics and Spillovers: The Case of Guangdong Province and Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan (HKMT).” Research Policy 38, no. 5 (2009): 813-828.
  • Sharif, Naubahar and Erik Baark. “Understanding the Dynamism in Hong Kong’s Innovation Environment.” Journal of Knowledge-based Innovation in China 1, no.1 (2009): 56-75.
  • Sharif, Naubahar and Erik Baark. “Mobilizing Technology Transfer from University to Industry: The Experience of Hong Kong Universities.” Journal of Technology Management in China 3, no.1 (2008): 47-65.
  • Sharif, Naubahar. “Emergence and Development of the National Innovation Systems Approach.” Research Policy 35, no.5 (2006): 745-766.
  • Sharif, Naubahar. “An Examination of Recent Developments in Hong Kong’s Innovation System: 1990 to the Present.” Science and Public Policy 33, no.7 (2006): 505-518.
  • Baark, Erik and Naubahar Sharif. “From Trade Hub to Innovation Hub: The Role of Hong Kong’s Innovation System in Linking China to Global Markets.” Innovation: Management, Policy & Practice 8, no.1-2 (April 2006): 193-209.
  • Sharif, Naubahar and Erik Baark. “The Tamest of Tigers? Understanding Hong Kong’s Innovation System and Innovation Policies.” International Journal of Technology and Globalization 1, no.3-4 (2005): 462-479.
  • Sharif, Naubahar. “Contributions from the Sociology of Technology to the Study of Innovation Systems.” Knowledge, Technology & Policy 17, no.3-4 (Fall 2004-Winter 2005): 83-105.
  • Sharif, Naubahar. “The Role of Firms in the National System of Innovation (NSI) Framework: Examples From Hong Kong.” Innovation: Management, Policy & Practice 5, no.2-3 (December 2003): 189-199.
Forthcoming / Work In Progress
  • Sharif, Naubahar, Erik Baark and Antonio Lau, “Innovation Activities, Sources of Innovation and R&D Cooperation: Evidence From Firms in Hong Kong and Guangdong Province, China.” International Journal of Technology Management [Forthcoming].
  • Sharif, Naubahar. “Facilitating and Promoting Innovative Entrepreneurship in Hong Kong: Theory and Practice.” Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences—Revue Canadienne des Sciences de L’Administration. doi: 10.1002/cjas.230.
  • Baark, Erik and Naubahar Sharif. “Public Procurement for Innovation: Hong Kong’s Experience.” in Public Procurement for Innovation Policy: International Perspectives, edited by Tarmo Kalvet, Rainer Kattel and Veiko Lember. New York: Springer Publishing, 2013 [Forthcoming].
Courses Taught
  • SOSC 111: Science, Technology and Society
  • SOSC 113: Science, Technology and Business
  • SOSC 300I: National Innovation Systems
  • SOSC 311: Science and Technology in Hong Kong
  • SOSC 559: National Innovation Systems
  • MALS 541: Science, Technology and Society